A different kind of subscription box.


Right now the world feels overwhelming.

Despite everything, though, you still want to help reduce carbon and limit waste. You want to keep our water and air clean. You really want to slow down climate change. But  there are a lot of other equally important things vying for our attention. And it's hard enough to run to the store, let alone organize and advocate for environmental causes. 

But what if a complete environmental postcard campaign and supplies showed up on your doorstep each month? What if it included a few eco-friendly products that help you reduce pollution and waste? What if activism could be fun and simple? And what if you knew your efforts would be part of a growing community? Would you join in?

How it works:

1. Join the team

Choose the subscription box or packet that's right for you.

2. Get your box

Learn about the mission of the month.  Enjoy your green goodies.

3. Advocate for the environment

Gather family, friends, or just a beverage, and make your voice heard.

Planet Post gives you everything you need to take specific actions each month, including stamps, postcards, and information to make the process easier. Politicians and companies really do listen to feedback, especially when you care enough to hand write it and mail it in. Plus, the goodies sent each month are thoughtful and fun. I highly recommend Planet Post!

Tara B.

As a busy Mom, I don't have a lot of extra time, but this subscription box makes it possible for me to stay involved. The boxes are very well put together! The topic card is always very informative, with easy to follow key notes that explain exactly why the monthly topic is important and what we can do to push for a positive change. And the goodies are great!!

Libby F.

I was so intimidated writing to local officials or calling them. This box was an amazing answer. All the talking points were there so that I felt very informed about all the topics; I mean, I could explain them myself and talk to a rep without a script! Amazing. It's super convenient that stamps are included, cause who has time to go to the post office for that? The treats are an added bonus. 

Allison K.