How Planet Post started:

I was studying Environmental Science when I came to the conclusion that environmental jobs in today’s political atmosphere seemed very....  grim.  In fact, everything seemed very grim. I felt like I needed to write a million postcards about a million issues to a million leaders and a million companies.  But every time I sat down to start, I could never find a working pen or didn't know an address or had to pick up the kids from school or had no time for research or didn't have postcard stamps or had no idea what to cook for dinner or had a big project due or....  

You get the idea. 

What I really wanted was someone to just bring me all the stuff so I could get to work on helping the environment. Because time is running out. But when I searched for a service like that, I found nothing. How could that be? I know I'm not the only one who feels this way. That was when I decided to launch Planet Post. For all the people out there like me: busy, overwhelmed by the magnitude of the problem, and unsure how to start. I wanted to make it simple for us to make our voices heard. And I wanted it delivered.

So here we are. It's still so energizing to be working every day on critical environmental issues. But my ultimate goal is for the company to go out of business because there are no more environmental problems. Hey, a girl can dream. Wouldn't that be a world worth fighting for? 

Who's in?