Why should we care about the environment during a pandemic?

Because it's connected. 

It's also connected to the social and racial inequity in the U.S. and around the world

Fortunately, we don't have to solve these issues separately. In fact, we should solve them together. Climate crisis solutions are the same solutions that will help solve social & racial inequity, and reduce the number and spread of pandemics.

Who is suffering the most from Covid-19, or pollution, or natural disasters? Who gains the most from clear-cutting forests or burning fossil fuels? Who is on the verge of losing everything with the next flood, or health problem, or job loss?

Answer those questions and you will see why these issues are intertwined and deeply imbedded in our history and culture. 

Want to know more? I've got a postcard mission that shows the connections, and helps you make your voice heard on the most crucial and time-sensitive solutions. In fact, if you're new, it's the first mission you'll get.

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